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Hip Replacement Information: Treatment Options

Your doctor carefully considers factors such as age, health status, weight, and activity levels before determining the appropriate treatment method. Non-surgical treatment options may be suggested for less severe hip pain. These treatments may include rest, drugs and analgesics. When non-surgical options fail to provide adequate pain relief, hip replacement may be suggested. If you are in pain, you should discuss treatment options with your surgeon. One such option is hip replacement using the Anterior Approach.

Traditional Posterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement or total hip arthroplasty is the surgical replacement of the ball and socket of the hip joint with artificial parts called prostheses. There are two main modular components used in total hip replacement. The femoral stem and ball component is made of metal and replaces the worn out top of the femur. The acetabular component, that includes a cup and liner, replaces the socket. These components may be made of metal, ceramic and polyethylene combinations.

In Traditional hip replacement surgery, a surgeon will make an incision along the side of your leg in order to access your hip joint. The natural ball portion of the top of the femur (thigh bone) is removed during surgery. The remaining preparation of the femur (thigh bone) and acetabulum (socket) involves reshaping to allow solid, accurate insertion of the hip components. The femoral component is inserted inside the thigh bone and the acetabulum is inserted inside the socket of the pelvis.

The Anterior Approach - A Muscle Preserving Philosophy

The Anterior Approach is an alternative to conventional hip replacement surgery. This technique approaches the hip joint from the front as opposed to the side or back. Unlike conventional hip surgery, a surgeon can work between your muscles without detaching them from the hip or thigh-bones. These important muscles are left relatively undisturbed and are therefore spared a lengthy healing process. Keeping these muscles intact also helps prevent dislocations. Further, since the incision is on the front side of the leg, you may be spared from the pain of sitting on scar tissue.

Advanced Surgical Table & Instruments

The Anterior Approach utilizes a technologically advanced table and special instruments. This table allows Dr. McComis to precisely position your hip for surgery, enabling him to accurately position the replacement components for proper hip joint mechanics. Special instruments and implant components allow for less tissue disruption.

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